Our Services

When disaster strikes, although management must concentrate on keeping the business afloat, the complex and time-consuming procedure of filing a claim remains an integral part of the recovery process. Countless decisions must be made and countless questions must be answered, all under extraordinary pressure.

Managing this process requires a significant investment of personnel and resources. Insureds frequently find that proving their loss can be as traumatic as the loss itself.  They may realize that it’s not in their best interest to file the claim on their own, especially when they are not completely familiar with the complicated terms and conditions of insurance policy or their rights and obligations in the event of a loss.  That is where our services come in.

Service to Fit Your Needs

Our staff works solely for the insured. Our main concern is obtaining the best possible settlement for you in a prompt and efficient manner, easing your burden and hastening the recovery of your business by expediting payment of your claim. Our loss consultants can work closely with your in-house staff, blending our expertise with their knowledge of the company. We can coordinate the services required for the preparation of the proof of loss, including all reports, inventories and appraisals of the building and its contents. Our consultants can also take care of any or all of the details of submitting and concluding the claim, from assembling claim support data to attending meetings and inspections with insurance company representatives.

Specializing in Business Interruption and Extra Expense Claims

Recognizing and evaluating the extent of business interruption losses requires sophisticated accounting, prospective reporting, and financial skills. This is where our expertise is invaluable. Our professionals will conduct an investigative review or your operating expenses, history of production levels, and sales projections in order to prepare a loss-of-income claim that is both comprehensive and supportable.


Our staff works with all clients from the outset to establish a program of identifying and recording all expenditures that will qualify under any available extra expense coverages

Litigation Support and Excess Claims

When your loss is not fully recoverable due to lack of direct coverage or under-insurance, we can assist your attorneys by properly documenting the claim from the very beginning of the claim process.